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Exchange Resources, Inc. — Your Key to a Successful 1031 Exchange


Exchange Resources, Inc. (“ERI”) is one of the largest independent Qualified Intermediaries in the nation serving individual and institutional investors across the country and abroad.


ERI has attorneys on staff who provide personalized attention to complex issues and are available to discuss exchange matters with investors’ tax and legal advisors.


ERI appreciates the paramount importance of securing investor funds. Therefore, ERI provides several layers of protection to secure its investors’ funds.

Choosing the best Intermediary

An investor should be selective in choosing a Qualified Intermediary (“QI”). Choosing a professional QI with financial strength is paramount to a successful exchange.

Your Exchange Expert

ERI is one of the largest independent QI’s in the nation having served tens of thousands of individual and institutional investors across the country and abroad. ERI enjoys a successful history of assisting investors in realizing the advantages of 1031 exchanges.

ERI’s Financial Strength

ERI appreciates the paramount importance of securing investors funds and does so by maintaining:

▲ Fidelity bond insurance coverage
▲ Errors and omissions insurance coverage
▲ A separate bank account for each investor

A §1031 tax-deferred exchange

is a transaction which permits an investor to defer the payment of capital gains tax by “exchanging” investment property owned by an investor (“relinquished property”) for another investment property (“replacement property”) of equal or greater value.

The most common type of exchange is a delayed or straightforward exchange. By properly effectuating an exchange, the investor is able to defer the realization of capital gains as well as the recapture of depreciation.

Exchange Types

Delayed Exchange

A delayed exchange is the most common type of exchange. Certain IRS requirements must be met to structure a delayed exchange.

Simultaneous Exchange

This type of exchange occurs when the relinquished property and the replacement property are transferred concurrently.

Build-to-Suit Exchange

An investor may choose to improve a replacement property by building a structure or making improvements to an existing structure on the property.

Reverse Exchange

Reverse exchanges are the most complex type of exchange. Such an exchange permits the investor to acquire their replacement property before the relinquished property is sold.



Client Testimonials


No words to thank you adequately for being part of that conference call. It had potential to be more volatile, and you were such a breath, viewing all of this so positively. I sure learned a whole new aspect of the 1031 exchange!
I really hope that they will make the best educated choice, which would be to let your firm represent them.
Regardless, you will be my “go-to” for any chance of helping clients needing to do a 1031. I am profoundly grateful!

Jennifer & Jim

Thank you for you and your team’s excellent support! You made what could have been a complicated process, simple and easy.
Jennifer & Jim


Thank you very much for your professionalism and speed with which you completed the exchange.


Thank you and your team for helping me to successfully navigate the 1031 process. You were all so professional and response every step of the way.
I am grateful.


Thank you very much for your dedication and patience. This is all new to me and you executed perfectly. I’ll come to you for sure on our next project.



Thank you for putting all these documents together, very helpful! And always a pleasure working with all of you! Thank you for making the exchange so seamless and pleasant. I really appreciate how you all do your work with excellence and kindness. I look forward to working with you again in the future.



Thank you everyone for closing this nice transaction. It was a great experience like always when we work with professionals and experienced individuals and companies like  Exchange Resources, Dana, Diana, Cristi and our staff members Alice and Noelle.
Job well done. We need to do another one like this again, soon!!!



Thank you Dana, Cristi and Diana for all your help getting us through the 1031 exchange process. You all were really great and were so helpful anytime I had questions or needed help with the other parties involved. Thanks again!



Thank you so much for all your hard work throughout our exchange! We have had a great first experience. I truly appreciate the sense of urgency and quick communication from your team, and that I can always get in touch with someone when I need to! Justin and I will be doing another exchange before the end of the year and hope we can work with you again on that!



Thank you all for making this such an easy transaction.  Special thank you to Diana who held my hand through this new experience.  You are all awesome! 


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