Our Story

In the late 1990s, attorney Paul Spring was president of a title insurance firm’s subsidiary trust company in San Diego where 1031 Exchanges were one of many services. He became convinced that an independent 1031 Exchange company could provide clients with better service and security.  ERI opened its doors in October of 1999.

In the years since, ERI  has assembled and groomed a stable team of experienced professionals, some of whom worked together for years before ERI was established. Our mission is two-fold: to educate professionals about 1031 Exchanges and to help lay investor-owners understand and implement the exchange function as part of their financial life plan.

We are active members of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (“FEA”) and have taught classes at FEA nationwide meetings and seminars. Many of our staff have the rare distinction of Certified Exchange Specialist, which requires rigorous, continual education and testing. This CES designation, coupled with extensive training, keeps our experienced professionals in constant demand throughout California and the United States as speakers to organizations representing attorneys, real estate professionals, certified public accountants, and financial advisors.

ERI is at the forefront of the 1031 Exchange Industry


We provide scrupulous and transparent structuring of separate FDIC-insured bank accounts for each client’s exchange. This transparency, combined with qualified attorneys on staff to ensure adherence to legal and technical requirements, provides for optimal safeguards and security.


CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, real estate agents and escrow officers from all over the nation rely on us to educate them on 1031 Exchanges; they, along with our clients, are comfortable calling us any time with simple and complex 1031 exchange questions alike.


Our leadership is legendary among employees for providing genuine concern for employee’s personal well-being and quality of life. We believe our employees are the key to our success.

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